Fusion Flux
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Welcome to Fusion Flux, where science meets imagination!
Take control of the universe's most advanced fusion reactor to fuse 100 unique creatures. Start with basic atoms and fuse them into complex molecules, elemental creatures and microscopic bacteria. Battle other creatures and reach for the stars to fuse meteors, planets, galaxies and even your own universe!
Become the Master of Fusion!
Hydrogen atoms are the building blocks of everything. Through fusion they make everything in the universe. Most of it exists as gas floating in space.
Oxygen are gentle and nurturing atoms. They foster the growth of vibrant ecosystems and embody the essence of breath and vitality.
A basic droplet water. They are the basis of organic life. As a liquid droplet, it is fragile, requiring constant moisture to avoid drying out.
A common droplet of water. They are often formed by clouds high in the sky, where grow until they rain down. They are expert swimmers and can use their powerful legs to high jump.
An evolved body of water. These sleek and agile water creatures move with ease through swift currents. They are mischievous hunters who use their powerful jaws to ambush and take down large prey.
The ultimate body of water. It's an apex predator which terrorises the open ocean. It can create gigantic waves through by moving through the water using it's powerful tail.
The ultimate form of fire. A combustion reaction at it's maximum potential. They are found in the cores of active volcanoes and are worshipped as dieties.
The ultimate plant. They stand tall and unwavering, acting as the protectors of the woodland realm. They are one of the swordsmasters of the universe.
It's feather coat hides protects its meat, which tastes like fruit. Althought flightless, it is a hunter, its beak serves as a tool for snatching up small creatures on the forest floor.
Standing tall like a sentinel, the Moa radiates tranquility, its plumage rustling in the breeze, creating a living symphony of nature.
An ethereal creature that is made of pure light. It flutters through the air, its wings can refract into a rainbow of colors.
X Ray
A creature made of pure light. It flies so fast it can phase through objects.
The misty marvel, navigates water and sky with equal finesse. It transforms into mist, eluding danger, and can leap to impressive heights, leaving trainers in awe of its elemental mastery.
Its body is a canvas of mist and sky, capable of carrying a small party within its luxurious embrace. With its powerful wings and buoyant frame, Nimbawhale elegantly glides through the atmosphere, granting an awe-inspiring experience.
A fatty molecule dense in energy. They are sleek and elusive creature that moves effortlessly. They are found underground formed from the compressed remains of ancient carbon based organisms.
These rare creatures are made of compressed organic molecules which have crystalised. They are found deep underground and crafting intricate subterranean labyrinths for shelter and ensnaring prey in the depths below.
A meteor is a giant object in space. If they hit, hey can cause massive damage to a planet grade objects, generally destroying a large amount of life. Meteors are weaponised and used in space warfare.
The Universe
The ultimate concept. The universe is filled with infinite galaxies, which have countless stars, which have limitless planets, some of which contain life, that is made out of endless atoms made of quantum flucuations. Life will forever be wondering why they exist.