Fusion Flux
By Raonak Naicker
Welcome to Fusion Flux Tournament!
Collect over 100 unique elemental creatures. Combine them together to become stronger.
Turn basic atoms into molecules, bacteria, elemental creatures and much more.
Players from all over the universe compete to become the Master of Fusion!
Collect . Combine . Compete!
Hydrogen atoms are the building blocks of everything. Through fusion they make everything in the universe. Most of it exists as gas floating in space.
An ethereal creature that is made of pure light. It flutters through the air, its wings can refract into a rainbow of colors.
A common droplet of water. They are often formed by clouds high in the sky, where grow until they rain down. They are expert swimmers and can use their powerful legs to high jump.
An advanced body of water. A savage predator which can be found in large bodies of water. They can swim at jet speeds and their razor sharp teeth allow them to break through armour.
A common form of fire. Often used for lighting, cooking, weapons and metalwork. They are basis of many civilisations.
An advanced form of fire. They burns hot enough to create explosions and are used in rockets. They are naturally found in volcanoes.
A common plant. They love bathing in sun, the leaf on their head converts light into energy through a process called photosynthesis. They love sunbathing.
An advanced plant. Sap flows theough it's and crystalises in the edges of it's leaf blades. Their limbs can extend and contract, allowing them to navigate the forest with ease.
A common form of air. Their defined feathers allow them to ride the currents with increased speed. They playfully dance through the air, leaving a trail of tranquility in their wake.
An advanced form of air. As they fly, they shape the very fabric of the air, leaving behind a trail of swirling turbulence.
A common piece of earth. They use their rocky shell for protection, withdrawing their limbs when they sense danger.
An advanced form of earth. They have a singular large peak which towers above the landscape. Their sheer size causes the ground to shake as they move.
Standing tall like a sentinel, the Moa radiates tranquility, its plumage rustling in the breeze, creating a living symphony of nature.
Its body is a canvas of mist and sky, capable of carrying a small party within its luxurious embrace. With its powerful wings and buoyant frame, Nimbawhale elegantly glides through the atmosphere, granting an awe-inspiring experience.
A giant object flying freely through space. They can inflict massive damage, increased by both their size and their velocity. They can destroy a large amount of life. Advanced civilisations use meteors as weapons and as vehicles to transport objects.
The engine of existance. A massively dense ball of gas floating in space. The nuclear fusion in their cores creates heat and light by fusing small atoms into larger ones.